This is how I get a free .me domain from NameCheap

namecheap claim your free domain

where there is a will there is a way.

Hi, I’m Praveen Sirimalla in this article I going to share with you how I got a .me domain for free from Namecheap without paying anything and this is not a trick.

Its a support given by Namecheap for students in the name of “Namecheap for education” who want to start their career as a web designer or in Digital Marketing or as a blogger right from the classrooms.
This article is more useful for students who are above 13 years and studying high school or any graduates.
And If you are not a student please share this information with those who need it like your friends or relatives who want to start their career in this digital world.
Namecheap is a Domain platform where you can buy and sell domains.
At Namecheap, you don’t find much discounts but the overall price renews yearly is’nt much high and also, Namecheap with some selected Universities providing free .me domains for students to support their career.
But it’s not entirely free. Its free for the first year you don’t need to pay anything and from next year you need to pay once a year to continue with that domain or you can opt out from your domain.

And these domains are available only for certain countries like selected universities from US, UK, Canada, and Australia But I’m an Indian and still, I got one for me 

here what I did.

So I tried and selected this domain pressed add button and it added to my cart then I selected complete order button a window came up similar to this

own a free dot me domain
I used different domain name because I already got

I selected Github pages because its a free hosting platform for websites but limited to use only 1 GB of storage, 100 GB Bandwidth per month and 10 builds per hour.

and exposure is a platform for sharing beautiful photos

just below this box, you will see this.

namecheap for education

In the first paragraph, it clearly says that these domains are only offering for select countries like US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

and I need to enter my student email address to check whether I’m eligible or not but I don’t have any student email.

but in the second paragraph, it says that if I’m a part of the GitHub student program I should enter the email address linked to GitHub student program instead of student email address in the below section.

and I’m not a part of GitHub student program so, I visited GitHub Developer Pack site and it appeared like this

GitHub student program
And then I pressed join GitHub Education button and it asked for login so, I used my GitHub login credentials and logged into GitHub then I was asked to enter my email address.

I entered my Email address and it says –
“we are unable to verify your email address linked to your school please provide a valid document like an ID card to verify that you are a student thank you.”

Then I uploaded my College ID card pressed submit button a new window opened it said thank you for applying GitHub we will reply you in a while.

after a few hours later I got an email saying that I’m selected for GitHub Developers Pack. And then I immediately visited is where you get a free .me domain from namecheap). Now, I entered the email linked to GitHub Student pack and logged in to Namecheap that’s all I got my .me domain for free

also, you can use GitHub student pack as long as you are a student and there are many other tools you can find in your GitHub Student pack.


If you really want something you’ll get it at any cost. So where there is a will there is a way.

Did I make any mistake please drop a comment in the comment section below I’ll Change it.

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