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every student can learn just not in the same day or in the same way

George Evans

Start your career as a web developer with GitHub education, you’ll receive many tools and free premium subscriptions to kick-start your career.

GitHub Student pack lets you do what whatever you want in this internet world but you need to be a student and smart enough to handle this tools.

along with other tools, you’ll also get a web development course with one-month subscriptions from Flatiron Schools Worth 149$ but you’ll get this for free for the first month it is a free one-month membership to Community-Powered Bootcamp: a proven online Web Development course with a curated community of learners. If you want to continue with the course you need to pay 149$ for each month.

This is not over yet.

Apart from Flatiron Schools one-month Subscriptions for Community-Powered Bootcamp, you’ll also get another Web development Course from Thinkful. Here you’ll get one-month access to their web development course which gets started you with Html, CSS and javascript.

With these two courses, you can learn almost everything about web development, you’ll also get feedback help from the developers and learners at Flatiron Schools and Thinkful for your work.

Below, I explained all about GitHub Student pack Continue reading because you may get new ideas on what to do with your GitHub Student pack.

About GitHub Student Pack.

GitHub student pack consists of 25 tools some tools are free as long as you are a student and some are free for one or two years.

1. Algolia

algolia logo

the first benefit you get from GitHub Student Pack is Algolia a search API.

And the Benefit is 100K records and 1 million operations for 1 year for free. If you normally need this without GitHub education pack you need to pay 149$/month i.e 149(12 months) = 1788 dollars.

How Algolia works:

If any user searches anything on your website like for example if you have an online store and user search for a product on your website the search term will query through Algolia and searches for a relevant item on your site and provide search results for the user.

If you are planning to put a online store this tool is very useful to you.

2. Atom

image about atom a text editor

The second tool you get is an advanced text editor. it is an opensource editor for writing your code and commit it on git or GitHub repo. its a free to everyone tool.

3. AWS Educate(Amazon Web Services)

This is one of the most valuable tool in GitHub education. With this tool, you’ll get a credit of 110 $ for your AWS(Amazon Web Services) account. To get this feature activated on your email account you need to get an AWS account and AWS educate. You need to be very cautious while creating an account on AWS educate because you may face errors.

4. Bitnami

This tool is very important for those who want to host their website on cloud servers.

With GitHub education, the benefit you get is a business 3 plan which usually costs 49$ a month but you get this free for one year.

With Business 3 plan you can install three cloud servers on your Bitnami account for free but you need a cloud account like AWS(Amazon Web Services) or Google Cloud.

So, you may now understand why AWS educate is important for you with AWS and Bitnami together you can host your site on a cloud server.

5. Carto

image showing carto logo

The fifth tool you get is Carto. it’s an opensource software which provide GIS and Mapping tools to view in a web browser

The benefit you get is full access to Carto with account upgrades and with increased database storage, real-time data, free location data service credit and other premium features for two years.

Carto enables you to create maps with the data you provide to Carto database

all you need to do is import a map data and a resource data like forest data or population data or food data with these two data files Carto will create a map you given as map data and populates the map areas with the resource data you uploaded.

6. CrowdFlower

Image Showing CrowFlower Logo

CrowdFlower is now turned into figureEight. Crowd flower/Figure Eight is a crowd sourcing platform. Figure Eight provides AI based services for you

Image showing figure eight logo

The benefit you get is full access to figure eight platform. With figure eight you can create a structured text, image, audio and video data.

7. DataDog

The benefit you get is a pro account free with 10 servers for 2 years.

Data Dog is a cloud-based infrastructure monitoring system with DataDog you can monitor your cloud software’s and services like AWS, Apache, Nginx etc,.

8. DigitalOcean

Digital Ocean is an another Cloud Hosting platform for developers it is a simple and easy platform to host your website or app

the benefit you get from GitHub student pack is a 50$ credit on your digital ocean account when you signup using the unique link. Provided in the GitHub Education dashboard.

9. Flatiron School

The 9th tool you get is Flatiron School’s one month subscription to a Community Powered BootCamp worth 149 $, here you can learn about web development.

The curriculum contains learning about Node.js, Html, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra.

10. GitHub

11. GitHub Desktop

GitHub Desktop

12. GitKraken

13. GitKraken Glo

14. HackHands

15. Heroku


17. NameCheap

18. SendGrid

19. Sentry

The benefit you get for sentry is 5,00,000 events/month with unlimited projects and members while you are a student

Sentry helps you to track errors in your language, frameworks and library.

20. Stripe

Stripe is used for Payment gateway for your online store or any other online payments

The benefit you get for using Stripe is $ 1000 first transaction charges are waived i.e you will not be charged for any transaction fee on using Stripe for the first 1000 $ transactions.

But the sad news is Stripe is not available in all the countries. So, you need to wait for Stripe to come into country if you are not in the country that stripe accepts payments

21. Taplytics

Taplytics is the 21st tool you get on GitHub student Developer Pack, the benefit you get is complete access to Taplytics for testing your mobile apps. You’ll get unlimited access to the platform for 6 months.

Taplytics is an A/B testing software on which you test your app by experimenting your app to know which one works perfectly.

22. ThinkFul

We already discussed about Thinkful in the very beginning of the post. GitHub student Pack offers a course in Fundamental in web development by giving you a one-month free access to the website.

You might thinking that what a student can learn about web development in one month but the course is very simple and easy for which you get feedback and support for your work on Thinkful

23. Transifex

The 23rd tool you get from your GitHub student developer pack is Transifex, with Transifex you can translate your app, website into any other language you want.

The benefit you get is 1-year free subscription to Transifex with a starter plan which usually costs $99/month, you’ll get 50,000 hosted words, unlimited projects, and access to translation partners to bring your software to a global market from the start.

24. Travis CI

Travis CI is a tool to test your software hosted on GitHub, while you are a student you can make private builds at Travis CI usually it costs 69$/month to test or make private builds.

25. Unreal Engine 4

The very last tool and best tool of all is the Unreal Engine 4. The benefit you get from Unreal Engine 4 by GitHub Education is.

Free to you Unreal Engine 4 as long as you are a student.

with this benefit, you get develop Games for Computer, Console, Mobile, Web and VR. So make sure that your PC can handle this Software.

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